Welcome Aboard!

Mark GibsonAs we’re settling in, I'd like to make one thing clear - our aim is to achieve your project goals and absolutely knock it out of the park with the results.

I have worked on many projects with many different clients and I strongly believe the key to project success is a solid plan, clear expectations from the outset and effective communication throughout the project.

To help us achieve this, I've added a short onboarding document below which outlines how we’ll work together so we can get the best results from this project for you.

How We Communicate

If you need to communicate with me, the best way to do so is via a short email to me so we can keep all project details in writing. For anything that will take more than 5 minutes to explain or understand then we’ll need to book in a phone or Skype call. We book in all phone calls and meetings in advance so we can stay focused on the work we have set out to achieve.

We also provide you with weekly project progress updates to let you know exactly how things are progressing.

Before We Begin

Content is essential and we need to review everything that will be used in this project before we get started. To receive your content we’ll connect you with a Dropbox folder so you can send us all files and we can keep it all nice and organised together.

Here's the content we will need:

  • Your bio. If you don't already have one then please let me know & I will help you get one together.
  • High-quality images of you. The more the merrier. Make sure you include some of you playing live if you have them.
  • A list of your upcoming gigs.
  • Details of any music or merchandise you have for sale.
  • Details of any sponsorships you may have.
  • Press clippings.
  • News items such as upcoming recordings or important events.
  • A list of your awards.
  • Anything else you think might be helpful.

Please ensure that you have ownership of or permission to use any images or text that you supply, we don't want anyone chasing you for copyright problems.

Feedback & Revisions

Once we’ve worked our magic and created your designs we’ll send them through for feedback in a timely manner and as per our instructions.

A round of revisions is a single email that includes all of the changes you need to be performed.

We include two rounds of revisions as part of our fixed-rate projects with additional revisions charged at our hourly project rate.

After The Project

Once the project deliverables have been created and the final invoice is paid we will launch the site to the public.

Then we celebrate the project success!

We’ve love to get your feedback and a testimonial from you at this point so we can share the success of your project via our website. We provide a courtesy follow up 30 days and 90 days after the project is complete.

Final Thoughts

We aim to make your project experience as effective and enjoyable as possible so we can continue to have a great business relationship. If at any time you are unsure of what is happening with your project or you just want to give us some feedback I'd would love to hear from you.
I'm excited to begin working with you!