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Herm Kovac TMG

Herm Kovac, Drummer TMG

"When TMG (Ted Mulry Gang) decided to hit the road again the first thing we had to do was get a website up and running and our socials taken care of.
Mark Gibson from Premium Band Sites came highly recommended and in no time had our website created and up and running and we were happy from day one, didn’t change a thing.
When it came to a Facebook Campaign to push our gigs Mark was there to advise us and to get in place.
I highly recommend Mark to any band or solo artist. He knows his stuff but more important he knows his music."

We build you a professional website

We work with you to provide a design that reflects your style and image. We make sure it is responsive so it looks great on any device, phone through to PC.

Then we make it easy for you to add your content

Websites that are hard to use get forgotten about pretty quickly and stale sites look terrible. Our platform is built on an easy to use content management system that we've tailored to suit bands and musicians perfectly.

You never worry about the technical stuff

All of our sites are hosted on rock-solid, lightning fast, servers with daily backups and daily security scans. We keep all the software and plugins up to date for you so you'll simply never have to worry about it.

Merilyn Steele

Merilyn Steele

"I recently had a new website created by Mark Gibson and I'm so happy with it! I can manage my own updates, gigs, posts and news and it is so easy. Mark was so great to work with as well and charged a very reasonable fee too. Highly recommend him if you want a new site."

Here's just a few examples of sites we host.

From our blog.

Tips on getting your Demo Recording heard

You’re standing there with your shiny new demo recording in your hand with a grin from ear to ear. It sounds fantastic! You think to yourself “now all I’ve got to do is get that person at the record company or the management company or the movie soundtrack people or the DJ at the local…

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How Do I Make My Press Kit Stand Out From The Crowd? – Part 4 -Format.

In the first three articles in this series, we looked at the importance of good content in your press kit. In this article, we will be looking at the “Format” of your press kit. Format covers a number of aspects including how it looks and its styling, as well as how it is presented, either…

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Building an Effective Press Kit for Musicians and Bands – Part 3 – Some Marketing

Carrying on from Part 2 of our series on Press Kits for Musicians and Bands we are now going to make your bio more effective at selling yourself or your band. Marketing for musicians can be hard and some musicians get all bent out of shape when you mention words like “marketing” or “sales”. This…

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Building an Effective Press Kit for Musicians and Bands – Part 2 – Bio Basics

All bands and musicians need a good bio. “What is a bio exactly?” I hear you say. Wikipedia defines a bio like this: “Greek words ‘bios’ meaning ‘life’, and ‘graphos‘ meaning ‘write’ is an account of a person’s life, usually published in the form of a book or essay, or in some other form… A…

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Building an Effective Press Kit for Musicians and Bands – Part 1 – Overview

A Press Kit is still one of the most vital tools for musicians and bands yet most people don’t know how to make one. This series will show you how step by step but first, a little background. A few years back I ran an internet radio station as a hobby. Consequently, I dealt with…

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